Kids Diving

Children who are happy in the water also love diving. There is nothing more beautiful than to look into children's eyes light that just come out of the water and are very excited about the underwater world.


Beginning at 8 years old, children can take their first breaths underwater. They can make their first bubbles in our pool or house reef and just watch the fish during child-friendly dives.

From the age of 10, kids can start Junior Open Water training. In general, children must learn the same skills as adults because all trained divers have to feel safe in the water. So the content of the theoretical lesson and the skills underwater is the same as for adults.

The Bubblemaker Course is a good start to get a first diving experience.

Special diving equipment for Kids

We offer children's equipment in different sizes for children aged 4 to 17 years.

  • Shorties and wetsuits for children for snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Kids jackets in different sizes
  • Several steel cylinders in 5 L, 8 L and 10 L volumes
  • Special children’s mouthpieces
  • Snorkel fins and dive fins in small sizes for children
  • Children’s masks and snorkels


A child is never a full buddy. Kids should just have fun and take care of themselves in the water.

Responsibility for children is always with the parents, the diving professionals and the diving schools.

For that reason, we have the right to decline taking a child diving in case the child is not ready yet. (mentally not able to follow, is not able to understand the basics, etc.)